Advocacy Shetland

Advocacy Shetland has provided Independent Advocacy Services to people in Shetland for many years.

It is a registered charity run by a combination of paid and voluntary Board, Management and Advocacy Case Workers.  It provides one-to-one Advocacy to individuals who need either short term, single issues support or over a longer period as required.

Advocacy Shetland offers independent advocacy to people across Shetland who are facing a wide range of issues. The list on the right gives an indication of the groups of people that we will always consider for support.

Don’t worry if you feel that you do not really fit any of these categories, we assess each case on its’ own circumstances so please get in touch if you think you need help.

Where we feel that there are other organisations better suited to assist you with your circumstances we will, with your permission, make a referral to those who can help.

We offer independent advocacy for those who:

  • have physical disabilities
  • have learning disabilities
  • are on the autism spectrum
  • are suffering mental ill health
  • are within the Criminal Justice system
  • have dementia
  • are elderly or those who have elderly family members who are receiving support services
  • are parents of children with additional support needs
  • are parents of children in the care system
  • have alcohol or drug issues
  • are affected by stroke or with an acquired brain injury
  • are eligible for self-directed support
  • are facing homelessness

New Cases Per Year






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All I can say is I so wish I knew this service was here years ago because it would have save me and my daughter hardship in the past.

Your service was absolutely brilliant.  Having my advocate in the meeting was a big change in the way services had been dealing with us.

They made things go smoothly offering great advice.  Can’t thank them enough.  Would recommend to family and friends to use this service.